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The Butts Museum Field Services

Warwickshire Museum Field Services, based at The Butts,  Warwick, comprises the County's Archaeological and Ecological  Teams.

The Archaeological Advice and Information Group looks after the County Sites and  Monuments Record, a comprehensive database of information about the  thousands of archaeological sites in Warwickshire. This record, which is  available for public consultation by appointment, underpins the advice given to  a wide range of organisations and individuals about the management and  interpretation of the county's historic environment; this includes the formal  advice given to District Planning Authorities and other agencies concerned with  changes in land use which may have an impact upon archaeological sites and  historic landscapes.

The Archaeological Projects Group undertakes research, excavations and surveys. Much of this work is  undertaken as part of the Planning process, and may consist of evaluation of  sites in order to inform planning decisions, or in order to record sites which  would be damaged or destroyed by development.

The Ecology Unit runs the Warwickshire  Biological Record Centre, a database of information on nature conservation  sites in the county. Together with the species record held in the Market Hall  Museum the Warwickshire Biological Record Centre is the most comprehensive  database on wildlife in the county. We collect information on habitats and  species from many sources - including our own surveys and local enthusiasts. The  Ecology Unit provides an information service to individuals and organisations,  including public utilities, consultants and local interest groups. Advice on  nature conservation issues is also provided including the formal advice given to  some county council and district council departments. We work in partnership  with many of these organisations to help safeguard the county's natural  heritage.

A record of nearly 1800  geological sites in Warwickshire, termed the Geological  Localities Record Centre, is held at the Market Hall Museum

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