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Tickets can be purchased from  all Pay-and-Display and Park & Ride machines which allow stays of up to 24  hours. Entrance tickets at the Westgate multi-storey car park can be validated  by the pay machines for a period of up to 24 hours. Stays in excess of this time  period will need to be paid for manually at the control room. However, given the  locations of all of these car parks, we do not normally recommend the use of  these areas for overnight parking, owing to the increased risk of car  crime.
Secure overnight parking can be  arranged at Gloucester Green Underground Car Park at a charge of £5 in addition  to the normal tariff. This means that a stay of 24 hours would typically cost  22, although this is reduced if the stay is for overnight but for less than the  full 24 hours. In order to take advantage of this facility, please contact the  Enforcement Office during office hours on 01865 794037. Out of hours, please  seek the assistance of the Car Park Officer on duty at Gloucester Green Car  Park.


Conference Car Parking  can be arranged to suit your requirements. Payment by company invoice can also  be arranged. For very large requirements, extra staffing can also be provided at  additional cost. Please note that conference car parking is charged according to  the normal tariff and no discount can be given for conference rates. For more  details on this service, please telephone 01865 794307.

Oxford City Council Car Parking Department has significant  experience in providing parking facilities for visiting Film Crews and has a  reputation for dealing professionally with location managers from large film  companies. For further details on this service please telephone 01865  794307.


Coaches, Lorries and  Mini-buses may use the Oxpens Coach and Lorry Park in Central Oxford. The  majority of car parks have height restrictions. High-sided vehicles, such as  motor caravans etc., may use the designated area at Redbridge Park and Ride. For  further details please telephone 01865 794307.


Oxford City  Council manage and operate three Park and Ride sites: Redbridge, Seacourt and  Peartree. A charge is made for parking in addition to the charge imposed by the  bus company for the bus fare into Oxford. For details of the bus timetable and  associated costs, please click here.

The parking charge is currently 60p per 24 hours. Payment by cash can be  made using the pay machines, which regrettably do not provide change. A permit  is available for those customers who use the car park 4-5 times per week. A  permit can be obtained for 5 weeks, ten weeks or longer if required at the rate  of £2.50 per week. Permits can be obtained by personal visit to either the  Parking & Payment Shop at 140 High Street or the Car Park Office, situated  on the ground floor of the Westgate Car Park. Permit Application Forms can be  obtained from the Park and Ride portakabins for postal applications. Permits can  also be arranged by telephoning 01865 252609.

Parking Tickets purchased via the machines last for 24 hours. Whilst it  is not recommended that people use the park and ride for overnight or extended  day use, it is possible to buy more than one ticket at a time and place them  adjacent to each other on the windscreen. 2 tickets purchased would allow a stay  of 48 hours, 3 tickets, 72 hours etc. etc. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THIS IS NOT A  SECURE OPTION - FOR SECURE OVERNIGHT PARKING SEE SECTION AT THE TOP OF THIS  ITEM.


Oxford City Council has a  long-standing effective working relationship with Thames Valley Police. The  Council in conjunction with the Police has had considerable success in reducing  levels of Car Crime. The Police advise that users of car parks can help further  reduce levels of car crime by ensuring that vehicles are secured effectively by  shutting/locking all windows and doors. The Police further advise that all  valuables are removed from cars, and are not left on display. Further Crime  Prevention Advice can be obtained from Thames Valley Police.


The tariff boards at  each car park indicate the level of charge payable and the regulations governing  each car park. Any infringement may result in an excess penalty of 80 being  issued. These penalties must be paid within 28 days of issue. If payment is  received within 14 days, a reduced amount of 40 will be accepted. Payment  details are given on the back of the penalty notice. Appeals in writing should  be sent as soon as practicable to the address given on the back of the penalty  notice.

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