Oxford has so much to offer that  you may want to spend more than 2 hours getting to the heart of your own chosen  theme. Gardens, stained glass, Oxford's waterways and women in Oxford are just a  few of the topics which interest individual and groups of visitors - and you may  have a further special interest to add to the list. If you would like your own  guide, with a tailor-made tour, for a morning, afternoon or even a whole day,  please contact the Tourist Information Centre.

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Divinity School The release of Harry Potter and the  Philosopher's Stone has sent people young and old flocking to both the cinema  and the locations used for the movie. Why not follow the footsteps of the  world's favourite wizard through Christ Church, Oxford's most spectacular  College, and the most famous library in Britain, Bodleian  Library.

Photo: Neil Jinkerson,  Jarrolds Publishing. Copyright Bodleian Library

Christ Church

If you loved  the film or the books come and soak up the atmosphere of Hogwarts. The Great  Hall at Christ Church was replicated in the film studios, to create Hogwarts  Hall.

As Harry and the new first-years  enter Hogwarts they are greeted by Professor MacGonnigal. This scene was shot on  the 16th century staircase which leads up to the Great Hall.

The cloisters in Christ Church were first  built 1000 years ago. This made them the ideal setting for Hogwarts Trophy Room.  It is here that Harry is shown the trophy his father won as a seeker in  Quidditch.

Opening Times
Christ Church is open 364 days a year.
Monday - Saturday - 9am - 5pm
Sunday - 1pm - 5pm


Adults  4
Concessions 3

For more information:
Phone: +44 (0)1865 276492, Email: or visit our  website:

The Bodleian Library

Duke Humfrey's LibraryExplore the splendid 15th century  Divinity School and Duke Humfrey's Library, accessible from the quadrangle of  the Old Bodleian Library. Learn how they were transformed in the film into the  Infirmary and the Library of Hogwarts School.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Divinity School, a masterpiece of  English gothic architecture, free of charge. Duke Humfrey's Library stands at  the heart of a busy working Library and for this reason can only be seen as part  of a guided tour.

Photo:  Neil Jinkerson, Jarrolds Publishing. Copyright Bodleian  Library

Divinity School Opening  Times
Monday - Friday 9am -  4.45pm
Saturday - 9am -  12.30pm
These times can vary. We advise you to  check before your visit.

Includes a visit to the  Divinity School, Duke Humfrey's Library, the Convocation House, and the  Chancellor's Court. These standard tours can be purchased daily on a first-come  first-served basis from inside the Divinity School at a cost of 3.50 per  person, payable on the day.

Standard  Tours are available at the following  times:

April to  October
Monday to Friday at 10.30,11.30,  2.00 & 3.00
Saturday at 10.30 &  11.30
November to March
Monday to Friday at 2.00 & 3.00
Saturday at 10.30 & 11.30

Please allow from 40 minutes up to one hour for this tour. Since working  parts of the Library are visited each tour is limited to a maximum of 13 people  and unfortunately no children under the age of 14 are  permitted.
We strongly advise you to  contact us in advance of your planned visit since our tours are sometimes  cancelled because of University ceremonies or other hosted  events.

Why not explore further this wonderful world of imagination  and learning by pre-booking an Extended Tour lasting up to one-and-a-half hours? In addition to the Standard Tour, you will  visit the Radcliffe Camera, the underground mechanical book conveyor, and the  New Bodleian Bookstack. Cost 7.00 per person.

For more information on tours and to also enquire about our facilities  hire please contact our Tours and Events Team:
Tel: 44 (0)1865 277224 or 277216
Email: or visit our  website:

Visit Christ Church and the  Bodleian Library this winter, and enjoy
Oxford's many secrets!

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