Countryside Service

The Countryside Service promotes nature  conservation and enjoyment of the natural environment in and around Oxford.

A small team of 5 rangers manage 27
nature parks/reservesincluding a large country park and several Sites of Special  Scientific Interest which encompass a wide range of habitats and landscapes. All  of these places are open to the public and most have unrestricted  access.

The Service is working with  partners to protect wildlife and increase biodiversity across the whole city  area. We are focussing work where it will be most effective. The work includes  advising practical help to landowners, commissioning wildlife surveys, and  helping community groups look after their local wildlife.

Volunteers play a  vital role in supporting the work of the Countryside Service. We offer  opportunities for people to become involved in helping to care for the  countryside, in whatever way they feel able. If you are interested in practical  nature conservation and have some time to spare or if you are looking for work  experience, contact us.