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Forest of Oxford - Introduction

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What does the Forest of Oxford  do? The Forest of Oxford encourages and  enables all sections of the community to enhance the environment throughout the  City of Oxford by undertaking tree management and planting. The aim of these  initiatives is to develop partnerships with amenity groups, conservation bodies,  schools, businesses and other organisations.

The Forest of Oxford is supported by Oxford City  Council's Leisure Services, Parks Dept. and by public donations and  contributions.

Our objectives

To undertake and  encourage tree planting and management throughout the city.
To raise the public  awareness of the importance of trees to the city.
To provide support to local tree groups  and to assist with technical advice.
To arrange meetings as necessary to discuss tree  initiatives and policy
To obtain sponsorship and funding for tree projects, promotion  and events.
To co-ordinate tree policy with Oxford City Council and other  organisations.
To support Agenda 21 initiatives.
To attend, help and exhibit at various events and  publicity that promotes local environment, and give talks to interested groups

How does the Forest of Oxford work Regular bimonthly meetings are held with  representatives from amenity societies, Oxfordshire Woodland Group, businesses,  schools etc. Oxford City Council pays for secretarial support and technical  back-up.

Invitation of new projects Ideas for new tree planting schemes should come direct from  communities themselves, although some projects may come from council or amenity  groups when they require public involvement. An application form is distributed  to those requiring assistance. The planting or management of trees on land  accessible or visible to the public, and close involvement of communities should  feature in the applications. Soliciting of ideas from under-represented  communities is encouraged.

Realisation of schemes The Forest of Oxford group liaises with those groups or  individuals who have submitted ideas. Surveys may need to be completed,  feasibility ascertained and details discussed. The larger community is  consulted. Appropriate and professional landscape design of such projects should  be carried out to assist these schemes and full estimates produced.

Previous Projects

Planting in the park

Membership Any interested group or individual is allowed to affiliate  themselves with the Forest of Oxford, with approval of the steering committee,  and is encouraged to attend the committee meetings.

How businesses can help with  funding Businesses, individuals or other  organisations may want to financially support the Forest of Oxford or its  projects, in order to benefit from contributing to Charities. In which case the  project falls under the umbrella The  Oxfordshire Woodland Group, who are a registered charity. The  trustees should be consulted by receiving an outline of each new initiative at  the earliest stage of discussion before being confirmed with the group in order  to satisfy their own objectives, thus comply with The Oxfordshire Woodland  Group's written policies for fund-raising and expenditure (obtainable from  Forest of Oxford office).

Associated groups

Forestry Commission
Oxford  Civic Society
Oxford Conservation Volunteers
Oxford Preservation trust
Oxford Tree Club
Oxford  Urban Wildlife Group
Oxfordshire Woodland Group
University Botanical Gardens

Local tree groups

Cowley Road