South East England


Southsea Castle

Southsea Castle was built by Henry VIII  between 1544 and 1545 to protect Portsmouth and its royal dockyard from a  possible French attack.

Tonbridge Castle

Medieval Gatehouse and Motte and Bailey Castle  Grounds.

West Gate Towers

One of England's finest mediaeval fortified  gatehouses, with arms and armour displays, prison cells and panoramic views from  the battlements.

Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet is Guernsey's ancient harbour  fortress, which was isolated upon a rocky islet, until the construction of a  breakwater and bridge in the 19th century. The castle contains a number of  museums.

Elizabeth Castle

Jersey was defended from this spacious  fortress built on an islet in St Aubin's Bay for 300 years from the Civil War to  the German Occupation.

Fort Grey

Fort Grey is located on Guernsey's rocky west  coast, near the infamous Hanois reefs and the site of many historic shipwrecks.  The small martello tower contains a museum about Guernsey shipwrecks, with many  salvaged artefacts and related illustrations.

Leeds Castle

Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has  been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence for six of England’s medieval  queens, a palace of Henry VIII, and a retreat for the powerful and  influential.

Lulworth Castle

Lulworth Castle was built as a hunting lodge  in 1608 to attract James I to hunt in the Isle of Purbeck, the castle was bought  by the Weld family in 1641 and became the family seat following the destruction  of the main estate house during the Civil War.

Mont Orgueil

Built in the thirteenth century to protect the  island against the French, this dramatic castle towers over the harbour at  Gorey.