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Pooleyfields Heritage Centre

There is lots to see and do at Warwickshire's newest  Country Park and first Mining Heritage Centre. The 62.5 hectare site, one third  of which is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, contains several  pools caused by mining subsidence, woodland habitats and is situated on the  Coventry Canal.
See for yourself  environmental sustainability in practice, and experience how hard and dangerous  the work of mining coal was for North Warwickshire miners, who relate tales  captured on DVD and who have donated mining memorabilia to the Centre for you to  view.
The colliery was the first to produce  its own electricity (from excess steam), and the Heritage Centre has harnessed  wind and solar energy to provide power to the Visitor Centre.
Take a stroll along the Miners Walk - a footpath used by  miners as long ago as 1846 - and make use of the children's play area and the  tea room during the course of your relaxing and enjoyable visit

Warwickshire Attractions