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Banbury, a historic and lively market town - famous for its nursery rhyme,  "Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross", the original cross was destroyed by the  Puritans and was replaced by the present one in Victorian times. The "fine  lady", referred to in the rhyme is thought to be a member of the Finnes  (pronounced Fines) family a local family who still own and live at nearby  Broughton Castle. It is probable that the ride to the cross would have been part  of a May morning ceremony. Banbury is also known for the famous Banbury Cake,  first recorded in the 16th century. The cakes are made of flaky pastry, filled  with spices and dried fruit and can still be bought in local shops today.

The twisting medieval streets and some fine houses remain, but many of the  old buildings and the church were demolished in the 18th century. The present  day neo-classical church was built in the 1790's. Banbury today is a bustling  market town; the market days are Thursday and Saturday.

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  • Tourist Information Centre: Banbury Museum, 8 Horsefair, OX6 0AA Tel: 01295 259855
  • Post Office: 57/58 High St., Banbury OX16 8LB Tel: 0345 223344
  • Population: 40,000 +
  • Citizens Advice Bureau, 26 Cornhill, Banbury Tel: 01295 264637
  • Main Library, Marlborough Road, Banbury Tel: 01295 262282
  • Early closing: Tuesday
  • Market Days: Thursday & Saturday
  • Shopping: turn to our shopping pages  for details

Banbury is twinned  with Hennef in Germany.
Visit the town of Hennef on the net.
Banbury is also  twinned with the town of Ermont in France.

  • Fire, Police, Ambulance - in an emergency dial 999
    • Fire: 'A' Division HQ, Cope Road, Banbury, OX16 7EH Tel: 01295  256035
    • Police: Warwick Road, OX16 7AE Tel: 01295 252525
  • Job Centre, 47 The Green, South Bar Tel: 01295 256401
  • Local Council Offices:

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