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University of  Oxford
Parks Road


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One of Oxford's most popular attractions,  famous for its period atmosphere and outstanding collections from many cultures  around the world, past and present.

New for 2002 - Body Arts
From tattooing and body-piercing to  hair-dressing and head-shaping: some of the many ways in which humans seek to  enhance their appearance are explored in a series of cross-cultural displays.

Main Museum

Everything you can think of and more: Aboriginal paintings,  Amulets, Archaeology, Archery, Armour, Baby carriers, Basketry, Beads, Benin  brasses, Blowpipes, Boats. Clubs, Combs, Captain Cook collection, Currency,  Dwellings, Egyptian mummies, Fans, Feather work, Firearms, Firemaking, Fishing,  Food preparation, Games, Harpoons, Hawaiian feather cloaks, Headhunting  trophies, Headrests, Ivories, Japanese armour, Jewellery, Knives,  knuckle-dusters, Keys, Lacemaking, Lamps, Locks, Magic, Masks, Medicine, Musical  Instruments, North American clothing, Narcotics, Netsuke, Obsidian tools,  Ostrich eggs, Pottery, Puppets, Quillwork, Relics, Ritual objects, Rock art.  Sculpture, Smoking, Special exhibitions, Stringwork, Textiles, Tools, Toys,  Treatment of the dead, Umbrellas, Weights, Writing materials, Woodworking tools  ......Zithers.

The Balfour Galleries

The Pitt Rivers Museum Annexe situated at 60  Banbury Road for Music Makers, Hunter Gatherers, Archaeology and occasional  events.


Opening  Times

(2002 times)

Pitt Rivers  Museum
Monday - Saturday 12.00 - 4.30 pm, Sunday 2.00 - 4.30  pm.
Please check for special holiday arrangements at Christmas and  Easter.

The Balfour Galleries
Saturdays 1.00 - 4.30pm
Weekdays by appointment only. Not open Sundays.

Admission  Charges

(2002 prices)



Access to the Pitt Rivers  Museum is through the Natural History Museum, Parks Road.

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