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Oxford Museums

Oxford Museums

The  foremost museum in Oxford is the internationally known Ashmolean Museum  but Oxford has many more wonderful museums to explore and enjoy.  Here are a few of our favourites.

Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
In the basement of the  Faculty of Music building on St. Aldates. A hugely enjoyable jumble of historic  musical instruments including early keyboards, percussion, woodwind, and brass.  Open afternoons Mon-Fri.

History of Science Museum
Broad Street. Scientific  instruments and devices through the ages, including clocks, cameras, and medical  equipment.

Museum of Modern Art
Pembroke Street. Changing  exhibits of international 20th century art.

Museum of Oxford
St Aldates. Covers 2000  years of Oxford history, archaeology, and architecture, including extensive  exhibits on the University.

Pitt Rivers Museum
Parks Rd. Prehistory, ethnology,  and the arts of all periods and cultures. This is one of Oxford's most popular  museums.

University Museum
Parks Rd. Next door  neighbor to Pitt Rivers (see above), this collection covers natural history,  including gemstones, dinosaurs, and other fossils.

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