Willis Museum

Market Place, Basingstoke
Hampshire UK
tel 01256 465902
fax 01256 471455

Opening times
Mon–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat 10am–4pm

Admission Free
Level access throughout. Public car parks within 5 mins.

Basingstoke - The last 200 years Travel back in time, and experience some of the major changes that have created the Basingstoke that we know today. Contrast the present with the past, the rich with the poor.

Meet Pickaxe, a 19th century farm worker forced to scrape a living from the streets of Basingstoke as a scavenger. Walk into a 1960s sitting room and kitchen and transport yourself back to the days of teddy boys and twin tubs.

Beneath our Feet
Discover Basinsgtoke and Deane's rich archaeological heritage including the unusual Iron Age burial found at Viables, Fred the Roman skeleton and reconstructions of nationally important Saxon buildings at Cowderys Down.

Local History
Dig deeper into your town's past in the local studies room - easily accessible old photographs, maps, postcards and much more.

Friends of the Willis Museum
Join our active group of supporters and develop your interest in the past.

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