Tower Arts Centre

Tower Arts Centre
Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5PW
tel 01962 877049 (enquiries)
website <>

The Tower Arts Centre lies snuggled on the western shore of the ancient capital of Wessex. Although situated well outside the city centre, it has stubbornly refused to be marginalised by the good burghers of Winchester and currently - but never smugly - basks warmly in a sea of excellent, quality music, theatre and literature events and arts activities for all sorts of people. And if you want to to know who's responsible for Winchester Children's Festival, the occasional Water Festival and the odd bit of downtown tomfoolery well shucks, ah reckin that's us too ma'am. A lot of really clever, discerning people think The Tower's a great venue and my, don't we blush, but we're far too polite to argue…
John Tellett, Director

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