Gosport Museum

Walpole Road
Hampshire PO12 1NS

tel 023 9258 8035
fax 023 9250 1951

Tue - Sat 10am - 5pm

Admission Free
Level access, free use of audio-tape guide for visually impaired for Geology Gallery.
Free car parks closeby.

The Local History Gallery tells the story of the Borough from the earliest times, highlighting the aspects of its history that makes Gosport unique .... fascinating displays, life sized costumed figures and archive video.

In the Geology Gallery discover more about the ground beneath your feet in ..... the rocks and fossils of Hampshire.

Take a journey back millions of years in the Gosport Time Machine

Find out why a sharks tooth was found on a Hampshire beach

Geology Gallery
Gosport Museum's Geology Gallery tells the story of Annie and her grandfather. Annie finds the tooth of an ancient shark on the beach at Lee-on-the-Solent. Her grandfather takes Annie her and visitors to the Geology Gallery on a trip in the Gosport Time Machine. They journey back into the distant past to meet the original owner of the tooth.

Their journey takes them far back in time to the very beginnings of life on earth, and via other periods in our prehistoric past to the time when sharks swam in the warm shallow seas where Gosport now stands.

However the time machine breaks down and they are stranded in the era of the dinosaurs. To return to the present they must follow the foot-steps through the Geology Gallery.

The displays include an extensive collection of Eocene fossils as well as material from other periods. The material in this exhibition is drawn from the extensive geological collections  of Hampshire County Council Museums Service.

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