Andover Museum

Andover Museum
6 Church Close
Hampshire, UK

tel 01264 366283

Opening times Tue - Sat 10am - 5pm  Admission Free Ramp available for 3-step entrance. Level access to ground floor, stairlift & stairs to 1st floor. Free car park next to Museum.

The Story of Andover

A wealth of fascinating archaeology from Stone Age to post medieval

The 4,000 years old Beaker burial found near Chilbolton includes pottery, a copper dagger, shale beads and two pairs of gold earrings.

Find out about Victorian Andover
The Weyhill Sheep Fair and the infamous workhouse scandal of 1846, and take a look at transport, schools, and local businesses, such as Taskers of Anna Valley... amd the Andover Workhouse

Geology and Natural History
From the bones of a woolly mammoth through to the arrival of the first humans in the area during the Stone Age.

Fish tanks containing species found in the rivers Anton and Test, and dioramas of local birds, reptiles, animals and insects.

Taskers of Andover - A History For 170 years, Taskers were a leading manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural implements and machinery, steam and stationary engines and road vehicles The story began near Andover, in the early years of the 19th century, when Robert Tasker and his brother, William, began what was to become the Waterloo Ironworks.   At the heart of those ironworks was a forge, which must have reminded them of the blacksmith's shop run by their father in Stanton-St-Bernard in Wiltshire. As the eldest son, Robert Tasker would have been brought up to be a blacksmith. But he was ambitious, and left Wiltshire in February 1806.

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