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Public Services

Local and regional services


Links to help you find public services in your  area.

Benefits and support

> Child Support Agencies
Your local office can advise  you on child support and maintenance issues.

> Citizen's Advice  Bureaux
A non-government organisation offering free and impartial advice  to citizens.

>  Disability benefits centres
Advice, support and benefits for people with  disabilities.

> Job centres
Information on local jobs and the job  seekers allowance.

> Pension centres
Advice for pensioners and information  on the other benefits available for older people.

Business and finance

> Business Link advisors
Impartial business advice,  information and services to help small firms and start-ups.

> Inland Revenue: tax offices
Search for your local tax  office, Collection office & National Insurance Contribution  office.

> Chambers of Commerce
Find local and regional Chambers  of Commerce. These are non-government organisations

> Regional  Development Agencies
Your regional branch promotes economic growth and  development in your area.

Crime and justice

> Magistrates'  Courts
Magistrates courts in your area.

> Police  services
The police portal provides links to UK police services,  searchable in an AZ list by area.

> Probation services
Regional list of probation  services.

Education and skills

>  Childcare
Search for childcare services in your area.

>  Learning and Skills Council
Local branches offer information on education  and career development.

> Local Education Authorities (LEAs)
Find an LEA by  name.

> Schools
Find information on local schools, including  Ofsted school reports.

Health and primary care

> Local NHS services
Search for GPs, opticians, dental  practices, pharmacies and walk-in centres in your area.

> NHS organisations
Strategic  Health Authorities, Hospital NHS trusts and Primary Care Trusts searchable by  region.

> NHS services in Wales
NHS services in Wales,  searchable by area.

> Northern  Ireland GPs
Find your nearest GP in Northern Ireland, listed by  county.

Recreation and other

> Census 2001
Population data at national, regional and  local authority level.

> Maps of your local  area
Downloadable maps of localities in the UK.

> National Parks in England
Find your nearest.

> Post Offices
Find your nearest Post Office, searchable  by postcode.

> UKonline centres
UKonline centres can help you get  online and teach you about the internet.